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In Loving Memory
"Rocky Mountain's Tootsie Marie" (1990-2002)
My very first Shih Tzu

In November of 2002, Tootsie, my loving companion of 12 years, succumbed to congenital heart disease (she was diagnosed with a heart murmer at 6 years old). Letting her go was the most difficult thing I had ever done. During her illness I learned much about genetic predisposition to disease in Shih Tzu. My emotions ran the gammut -- from thinking I'd never want another dog to vowing to find a genetically sound, home raised puppy from a responsible breeder. And so the search began ...

I searched the internet and found a breeder who seemed to be everything I was looking for. Susan Anderson, of Casan's Quality Shih Tzu, became and has remained one of my very best friends. I gradually developed a desire to raise my own healthy Shih Tzu ... to bring these little angels into the world for loving humans seemed the ultimate tribute to my little Tootsie Marie.

 "T-Amore" means "For the Love of Tootsie" ... it was the love of this little angel that led me to this venture in my life (I eventually quit my IT career of 30 years and am now involved with my dogs full time). I hope you find a baby "angel" to bring into your life, too! The Shih Tzu is a very special breed of dog who wants nothing but to love and be loved. In return, they devote their entire life to being your faithful companion and best friend.

I miss you, Tootsie. You will always remain in my heart. You taught me much about love, gentleness and unbridled joy!!