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My goal is to produce happy, healthy Shih Tzu puppies. All of my Shih Tzu babies are born and raised in my home, and receive extra one-on-one and socializing so they will better adapt to their new home with you. They come to you microchipped, vet checked, and will be started on their core puppy vaccines. I work closely with my veterinarian to ensure your puppy will arrive on delivery day free of health issues.

I strive to produce a puppy that conforms to the AKC Shih Tzu Breed Standard both physically and in temperament. Unless specifically stated otherwise, my puppies are backed with a five-year replacement guarantee against congenital and/or genetic defects which leads to the death or serious illness of your puppy.*

In the unlikely event your puppy should develop problems that are deemed genetic,** I will replace him or her with another puppy as long as I am still breeding Shih Tzu. I will need documentation from the veterinarian who treated your dog's final illness to help me isolate and identify the line which produced the afflicted puppy.

There are two conditions that are quite common in the Shih Tzu breed: Umbilical hernia and "stenotic nares" or "pinched nostrils". As a conscientious breeder, I pair dogs that do not show a predisposition to these conditions. Occasionally, however, a puppy may still be born with either one of these conditions. Neither is considered life-threatening and most often will not require any medical intervention. All of my babies are specifically assessed by my veterinarian for these two conditions and if it were ever determined that repair was recommended, you would be notified and given the option to choose another puppy from a current or future litter, whichever you choose.

The final determination as to whether an illness is genetic must be agreed upon by two veterinarians mutually acceptable to both you and T-Amore. I try very hard (and to date have been successful) to breed puppies without health issues, but in the unlikely event there should be a problem, I would want to isolate and eliminate from my program any dog or dogs that are passing on problems to their offspring.