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I accept personal checks and USPS (Postal Service) Money Orders.

If you have a Wells Fargo checking account, you can use their Zelle secure transaction service. Just let me know when we talk that you'd prefer to use this option.

If you need to make special payment arrangements, please ask. I am willing to work with you as much as I can to accommodate your budgetary needs.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please submit the Puppy Application. When e-mailing initial inquiries, please include a contact telephone number. The details you provide about you and your family, lifestyle and work schedule, and other pets you may already own, will help me to match you with the right puppy.

A deposit of $200.00 will secure your position on the Waiting List. One-half of the balance ($525) is due when the puppy is selected, and the remaining balance of $525 is due the day of delivery. Please plan to bring cash payment the day you pick up your new baby.

(Please Note: Puppies are adoptable according to your position on the waiting list. With one exception, once a deposit is placed, it is NON-REFUNDABLE, so please be sure you are serious about adopting a puppy before making your deposit. The exception to this rule is if I for any reason decide, at any time before puppy goes home, that the new owner is unfit or incapable for any reason of providing the proper life for one of my puppies. In this instance, I will refund the deposit in its entirety.)

Prices quoted are for pet-only purchases, which includes AKC registration certificates (limited registration). You promise that your puppy will be neutered/spayed. Puppies are not to be used for breeding unless it is specifically agreed to by Seller before the deposit is taken. There are very good reasons for this policy and I will be happy to explain them to anyone who asks.

As a general rule I do not negotiate the price of my puppies. I have set the price at what I believe is very fair and competitive to other breeders in my class. A lot of time and expense goes into producing a healthy, happy Shih Tzu puppy. I believe in my dogs and the puppies they produce!!


If there is any way for you to come pick your puppy up in person (whether driving or flying), that is always preferred. Nothing compares to a ride home in the lap of the baby's new human companion. It's a special bonding time for the baby and his/her new special person.

However, I realize sometimes distance and/or time constraints nowadays can make it very difficult to make the trip, so I do offer shipping. Puppies will be accompanied by a "Pet Nanny" for the entire trip, and handed over to you in person on your end. Prices are quoted on a case-by case basis, due to the variance in length of the flight and other factors. If you will want a puppy delivered long distance, please let me know up front and I can get an estimated shipping cost for you. It is quite expensive.

Puppies are shipped only when I feel they are mature enough to make the trip, and generally they are fine at 12 weeks old. I do reserve the right to delay shipping for a week or two if I feel the puppy needs more time before the trip.

All costs of air travel for your pet are your responsibility.

I accept personal checks and USPS (Postal Service) money orders. Any transaction completed on the day you take possession of your new puppy must be done in cash.

Personal Checks and Money Orders Accepted as Payment